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The Gospel, Hear it, Believe it, Live it.

The gospel is the good news that God sent his Son to die on a Cross to get rid of our sins and bring us to God.
In creation, God created everything very good. This is way things ought to be.
But through the sin of our first parents, everything became broken. While we might hope for something better, this is the way it is.
We long for something more – a quest for spirituality, a hunger for relationships, a delight in beauty, a longing for justice. But we’re stuck.
How can what is broken be fixed? The answer is that everything that was lost in the fall of humanity was redeemed by Jesus Christ at the Cross.
We need to confront our root problem, sin.
Repenting means changing our direction from walking away from God and turning toward God.
Do this!
Believing means trusting Jesus Christ to redeem us. Do this!
One day everything will be fully restored. Until that time God invites us to join him in the restoration of what can be.
Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration. This is the good news of Jesus.