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After working for many years in the kitchen and having other responsibilities, Brother Lawrence “was assigned to the sandal shop,
Brother Lawrence got assigned to work in the “kitchen to which he had the strongest natural aversion. [Yet] he got
Brother Lawrence said that “we must act very straightforwardly with God, and speak to him freely, asking him for help
Hello QCAC Family! Instead of a daily devotional today, I want to talk with you about QCAC re-opening! Our Spanish
Brother Lawrence said that he “acknowledged his sins and was not surprised by them. He confessed them to God and
Brother Lawrence said that “knowing that we must love God in all things and striving to fulfill this obligation,” he didn’t need
Brother Lawrence said that “when he failed he did nothing other than acknowledge his failure, telling God, ‘I will never
Brother Lawrence said that “in the beginning we must work at forming the habit of continually conversing with God, attributing

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