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As we enter into a new season – the start up of school, the coming of fall, the beginning of
Absolutes, distinctives, convictions, preferences – four aspects of our beliefs. Let me illustrate. From our own tradition, from its inception,
A Facebook friend recently posted a montage with the caption: “Christians. We’re not all the same.” When we think of
We all have preferences of what food we like, what kind of car is the best, what sport is the
All Christian everywhere agree that God created everything. They differ, however in how God created. Some Christians believe that God
Every church and Christian denomination has characteristics that are distinctive. They have special traits, beliefs, and practices that express their
Christians can seem to disagree about a lot of stuff – theology, lifestyle choices, family issues, political differences, social concerns.
Charlie Riggs came to faith in Christ as a teenager. But he didn’t mature spiritually until he served in the

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