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People have a tendency to believe something is true when it is not. Or they believe something is false when
Satan is described as the accuser of brothers and sisters in Christ (Revelation 12:10). He continuously claims that we have
Donna and I often walk through MacNeil Park by the East River and see men fishing. Those fisherman don’t throw
I realized in a recent men’s small group the need to clarify the four ways Satan uses to outwit Christians.
Gwang Hyuk Rhee was a Korean artist who drew Bible word art. In one drawing he wrote all the words
Many efforts have been made to communicate with intelligent life on other planets. Scientists, astronomers, and other enthusiasts have sent
Since the author and architect of the Bible is God the Holy Spirit, we would expect to find a consistent
The Bible was written over a period of about 1500 years by about 40 different writers. But the behind-the-scenes “author”

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