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Brother Lawrence wrote that “we can continue our loving exchange with him [God], remaining in his holy presence sometimes by
Brother Lawrence wrote, “I know that to [live every day in God’s presence] your heart must be empty of all
Reflecting on his relationship with God, Brother Lawrence said, “Far from chastising me, this King, full of goodness and mercy,
Brother Lawrence said, “I gave up all devotions and prayers that were not required and I devote myself exclusively to
Brother Lawrence said that “God . . . has infinite treasures to give us, yet we are satisfied with a
Brother Lawrence said, that “we must believe that it is advantageous for us and pleasing to God to sacrifice ourselves
Brother Lawrence said that “when we undertake the spiritual life we must seriously consider who we are, recognizing that we
Brother Lawrence said that “everything is possible for one who believes, still more for one who hopes, [even more for

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