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The pattern for spiritual growth Brother Lawrence presents can be illustrated by a rock being dropped into a pond and
Brother Lawrence said simply that God “wants to make us like himself, if we so desire.” I’m captured by this
Brother Lawrence picks up on the words of Jesus: “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit
Another maxim from Brother Lawrence: “We must carefully examine which virtues are the most essential, which are the most difficult
Brother Lawrence reflected on prayer and work: “I do not mean that by this that you must withdraw forever from
Another spiritual maxim from Brother Lawrence: “During our work and other activities . . . we must stop for a
Here’s a spiritual maxim found among Brother Lawrence’s few possessions after he died. “We must continually apply ourselves so that
Six days before Brother Lawrence died, he wrote in a letter: “Let us devote ourselves entirely to knowing God. The

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