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3 Minute Video: Sometimes we spout out spiritual truths so quickly, we assume everybody understands what we’re saying. We ourselves
3½ minute video: When composing a Statement of Faith, where would you start? What would take first priority? What would
3 Minute Video: Christians seem to differ on their practical understanding of the Holy Spirit. Some describe the Holy Spirit
Three Minute Video: If it’s challenging to describe God in one sentence, it’s more challenging to describe Jesus Christ.
VIDEO 3-MINUTES -   A mother found her young son drawing a pencil sketch. When she asked what he was
3-MINUTE VIDEO LINK:   A recent Christianity Today article (September 19, 2022) detailed how adults in the U.S. are
Where do you live most of your life? In the past, the present, or the future? A senior adult might
Hundreds of millions of people around the world do crossword puzzles, play word or number games, or participate in puzzles

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