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A Chinese boy who wanted to learn about jade went to study from an old, honored teacher. This man put
Sometimes we struggle against dark things, spiritual battles, behind the issues and people we see. Victory is assured, but we
Jesus is saving, delivering, sanctifying, healing, and setting me free on all levels – sin, self, sickness, Satan. God’s Word
I’ve appreciated the balance C.S. Lewis emphasized about demonic activity: “There are two equal and opposite errors into which our
Some people have control issues. They need to feel the need to maintain power over their relationships, family, and workplace.
People have a tendency to believe something is true when it is not. Or they believe something is false when
Satan is described as the accuser of brothers and sisters in Christ (Revelation 12:10). He continuously claims that we have
Donna and I often walk through MacNeil Park by the East River and see men fishing. Those fisherman don’t throw

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