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4 minute Video version: I proposed a definition for personal success. What about church success? I asked our staff, elders,
3½ minute Video version: I recall as a young leader setting high expectations on myself for success. I wanted to
3 minute Video version: A friend once thoughtfully asked me, “Are you and I preoccupied with Christ’s second coming?” Even
3 minute Video version: Decisions we make in this life affect our eternal existence. Moses earnestly appealed to people,
3 Minute Video version: Some years back I went with others on a missions tour to Ecuador. We wanted
4-Minute Video Version: Not many Statements of Faith include a statement about healing. Ours does. Jesus is our Healer.
3-Minute Video Version: So you’ve become a Christ follower. You’re being changed from the inside out. “Sanctification” is a big
3-Minute Video: A hundred years ago, Dr. Claude Barlow served as a medical missionary in Shaoxing, China. A strange disease

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