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Resolutions often fade. To overcome this, some suggest the 21/90 rule. You commit yourself to some goal or pattern for
Brother Lawrence defines “simple awareness, this loving view of God present everywhere [as] the holiest, the surest, the easiest, and
Brother Lawrence summarized his journey of practicing God’s presence: While “somewhat difficult in the beginning, [it] secretly accomplishes marvelous effects
Praying breath prayers – prayers that you can pray in one breath – is a valuable exercise in practicing God’s
In practicing God’s presence Brother Lawrence had no qualms in reiterating ways for making the habit stick: (1) The priority
To keep us from discouragement, Brother Lawrence says that God often brings the Christ follower “savory, delicious [spiritual] nourishment, though
Brother Lawrence wrote, “We would be surprised to know what the soul sometimes says to God, who is so pleased
Brother Lawrence emphasized what is important in practicing God’s presence: “It is important . . . to realize that this

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