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Blog-Pastor-Dave (Page 39)

Brother Lawrence said that “the foundation of his spiritual life was an exalted idea and esteem of God in faith. Once he conceived it, his only concern was, in the beginning, to faithfully reject every other thought, and to perform all his actions for the love of God. Sometimes a long time would pass without his thinking about God, yet this did not disturb him.” He just returned his thoughts to God again. Brother Lawrence discovers a key in practicing God’s

Brother Lawrence was not as hard on himself as we are sometimes prone to be. He said: “When I realize I have failed, I acknowledge it and say: this is typical; it’s all I can do! If I have succeeded, I thank God and acknowledge that this grace comes from him.” When Brother Lawrence failed God, he admitted that it was all him. But he didn’t beat himself up over it. He knew that he was born into sin and frail as

Brother Lawrence said that “he thought neither of death, nor of his sins, nor of paradise, nor of hell, but only of doing little things for the love of God, since he was not capable of doing great things. Other than that, whatever happened to him was God’s will, and he was at peace with it.” Looking at the scope of his life, Brother Lawrence felt inadequate for doing great things for the kingdom of God. He had no resources to

Brother Lawrence said that even doing all the acts of penitence possible, they would not so much as take away one single sin. “Without worrying, we must look to the blood of Christ for the remission of sin, working only at loving God with our whole heart. God seems to choose the worst sinners to give the greatest graces, rather than those who remain innocent, because that shows his goodness more.” Brother Lawrence learned that punishing himself to atone for even one

Brother Lawrence said that “the actions of the understanding are very different from those of the will, for the former amounted to little, while the latter were everything. Only loving and rejoicing with God truly matter.” Brother Lawrence elevates a heart that chooses to love God supremely over a mind that seeks understanding. We may not find the same dichotomy between our will and our understanding. We can love God with all our heart and our mind. Yet without the action of our