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Blog-Pastor-Dave (Page 37)

Brother Lawrence said that “when his duties distracted him somewhat from thinking about God, God impressed a remembrance of himself on his soul, giving him so intense an awareness of God, warming and inflaming him so strongly, that he cried out and made exaggerated gestures, singing and jumping about like a fool.” When God moved upon Brother Lawrence, he celebrated those moments exuberantly. To others he appeared foolish. What others see, however, can be quite different than what’s really going on inside

Brother Lawrence said that “when he had some matter to take care of, he never thought about it in advance, but within the necessary time period he found in God, as in a clear mirror, what he needed at the moment. For some time now he acted in this manner with no apprehension, although before he had this experience of God’s prompt help he worried about everything.” Brother Lawrence used to be a worrier. Yet by living in God’s presence, he

Brother Lawrence “reached the point where his thoughts were exclusively of God. In his struggle against temptation, he could sense the temptation from the first moment. His experience of God’s prompt help was such, however, that he sometimes allowed the temptations to advance, but at just the right moment he called upon God, and they vanished completely.” Brother Lawrence grew spiritually and lived in God’s presence constantly. For him God was never more than a thought or prayer away. He lived

Brother Lawrence said that “the foundation of his spiritual life was an exalted idea and esteem of God in faith. Once he conceived it, his only concern was, in the beginning, to faithfully reject every other thought, and to perform all his actions for the love of God. Sometimes a long time would pass without his thinking about God, yet this did not disturb him.” He just returned his thoughts to God again. Brother Lawrence discovers a key in practicing God’s

Brother Lawrence was not as hard on himself as we are sometimes prone to be. He said: “When I realize I have failed, I acknowledge it and say: this is typical; it’s all I can do! If I have succeeded, I thank God and acknowledge that this grace comes from him.” When Brother Lawrence failed God, he admitted that it was all him. But he didn’t beat himself up over it. He knew that he was born into sin and frail as