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Blog-Pastor-Dave (Page 36)

Brother Lawrence said that “it is a big mistake to think that the period of mental prayer should be different from any other. We must be just as closely united with God during our activities as we are during our times of prayer.” We tend to compartmentalize our lives. We separate the sacred and the secular. We separate faith and work. We separate the physical and the spiritual. In contrast, consumed by God’s omnipresence, Brother Lawrence found God everywhere, whether he was

Brother Lawrence said that he “found no better way to approach God than by the ordinary works required in his case by obedience, purifying them as much as he could from all human respect, and doing them for the pure love of God.” Most of us would like to do big things, great things for God. Brother Lawrence preferred doing what he was already doing – ordinary things, simple things – as acts of loving worship to God. Whatever he wanted to

Brother Lawrence said that “it is a pity to see how many people are attached to certain works that they perform rather imperfectly and for human respect, always mistaking the means for the end.” Subtly we can do a lot of Christian activity that really serves ourselves rather than God. Our worship experience can become a spiritual fix for ourselves. Our witness for Christ can be motivated by a desire to announce it to others. Jesus specifically cautioned us how our praying, giving,

Brother Lawrence said that “our sanctification depends not on changing our works, but on doing for God what we would normally do for ourselves.” We sometimes get the notion, “If only I were in a different place, in a different relationship, in a different job, in a different setting, then I would be more spiritual, more godlike, more holy, more cheerful, more myself.” These thoughts are all wrongheaded. What usually happens when we make these changes, the faces around us may change,

Brother Lawrence said that “we must ask him for his grace with full confidence, paying no attention to our thoughts, relying on the infinite merits of Our Lord. God, at every opportunity, always bestows his grace.” Once I complied a list of definitions of all the various ways “grace” was understood. Bottom line: I need God’s grace. I need God’s love and mercy and kindness extended to me, which I receive by faith. I needed God’s saving grace: In coming to faith in