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In learning to pray, Brother Lawrence had to learn how to deal with distractions. “In the beginning he had often spent the whole period of prayer fighting off thoughts and falling into them again.” When we pray, we also discover that our mind wanders. We try to stay on track, but sometimes our thoughts drift to a recent conversation or some fun activity or our next meal. Our minds can be bombarded with things to do, people to see, projects to complete. It

Sometimes Brother Lawrence makes some bold statements that we need to clarify. He said that “thoughts spoil everything; that’s how trouble starts! We must be careful to reject them as soon as we notice that they have nothing to do with our present occupation or our salvation, and begin again our conversation with God, which is where our good is found.” For him logical reasoning and theological thinking disturbed his prayer life! He found them a distraction in bringing him closer to

After working for many years in the kitchen and having other responsibilities, Brother Lawrence “was assigned to the sandal shop, which was a delight for him, but he was willing to give up this task like the others. He would find joy everywhere doing little things for the love of God.” Brother Lawrence had already learned to bring God into his kitchen work and make it enjoyable. Now he brought God into this new challenge – making sandals, repairing sandals, stitching

Brother Lawrence got assigned to work in the “kitchen to which he had the strongest natural aversion. [Yet] he got used to doing everything for the love of God, asking him at every opportunity for the grace to do his work. He was able to carry it out with great ease for the fifteen years he was in charge of it.” The kitchen was totally out of Brother Lawrence’s comfort zone. He didn’t like it and would have steered clear of

Brother Lawrence said that “we must act very straightforwardly with God, and speak to him freely, asking him for help in events as they happen, for God never fails to come to our aid, as he often experienced.” He described his own experience of being given the task of traveling about three weeks round trip of several hundred miles on the river to pick up needed supplies. Because he suffered painfully from a kind of sciatica gout that made him limp and