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In finding true spiritual freedom, Brother Lawrence calls us to confront all lesser loves in order to “love God above all things.” Picture an old wagon wheel with God as the center and all other loves as the spokes. Think of all the people and things you love – friends, activities, food, projects, hobbies, sports. Where is God in relation to all these? Can you say: “I love God above all things! I want to know him above all things! My God is

Brother Lawrence told us how to know God who is incomprehensible: “We must admit that God is incomprehensible, and that to be united with him we must deprive the will of all sorts of spiritual and physical satisfactions so that, being thereby set free, it can love God above all things. If the will can in some respect comprehend God, it can do so only by love.” To say God is incomprehensible is to say God is beyond us. No one

Brother Lawrence offers some insights on how spiritual growth happens: “Actual union is the most perfect. And completely spiritual as it is, its movement is perceptible because the soul is not asleep as in the other unions, but finds itself powerfully stirred. Its operation is more intense than fire, more luminous than the sun in a clear sky. Nonetheless this feeling can be misleading, for it is not a simple expression of the heart, like saying, ‘My God, I love

The pattern for spiritual growth Brother Lawrence presents can be illustrated by a rock being dropped into a pond and sending out ever-widening circles. “There are three kinds of union: the first is habitual, the second virtual, and the third actual. Habitual union is when we are united to God solely by grace. Virtual union is when we begin an action by which we are united with God and remain united with him by virtue of this action the entire time

Brother Lawrence said simply that God “wants to make us like himself, if we so desire.” I’m captured by this phrase “if we so desire”. I find the question “what do you want?” one of the most difficult questions to answer consistently. I have to reflect, pray, listen. We have a choice. But wishing and wanting are two different things. Do I really want to know God? Become like Christ? Be filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit? And, am I willing to