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To keep us from discouragement, Brother Lawrence says that God often brings the Christ follower “savory, delicious [spiritual] nourishment, though it never sought nor did anything to obtain it, and in no way contributed to it itself, except by its consent.” We do actively pursue God. Yet at times God will surprise us with his manifest presence and we experience something wonderful, unexpected and unsought. A situation changes. A financial benefit. A job breakthrough. A physical touch. A new friendship. A conflict

Brother Lawrence wrote, “We would be surprised to know what the soul sometimes says to God, who is so pleased with these conversations that he grants it all its desires, providing it is willing to remain with him always, and in its center.” Have you ever been surprised by your own words in prayer? Perhaps the words you prayed, the spirit and passion in which you prayed them, the authority in prayer you exercised, the Scriptures that came to mind that were

Brother Lawrence emphasized what is important in practicing God’s presence: “It is important . . . to realize that this conversation with God takes place in the depths and center of the soul. It is there that the soul speaks to God heart to heart, and always in a deep and profound peace that the soul enjoys in God.” Whenever we learn a skill that becomes a regular practice – like a new exercise program or eating more healthy – we

Brother Lawrence reported how a friend described practicing God’s presence: “This person says that the habit is formed by the repetition of acts and by frequently bringing the mind back into God’s presence. He says that as soon as he is free from his occupations, and often even when he is most taken up by them, the recesses of his mind or the innermost depths of his soul are raised with no effort on his part and remain suspended and

Brother Lawrence wrote that the practice of the “presence of God is an application of our mind to God, or a remembrance of God present, that can be brought about either by imagination or the understanding.” In addition to knowing and loving God in our hearts, Brother Lawrence also tells us to know and love God through our minds. A.W. Tozer perceived this as well: “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” So,