Our Purpose is threefold – Believe. Belong. Bless.

  • making disciples
  • building community
  • reaching the unreached
  • UP, IN, OUT

These reflect our biblical core commitments, our values, our God-given identity, our DNA. This summarizes what we do and why we do it, our purpose.


Our Unity in Christ – multi-cultural, multi-language, multi-congregational, multi-generational – we collectively express the-many-and-the-one:

  • many cultures, one family
  • many languages, one message
  • many ministries, one vision

Though we have separate congregations, we have: one unified governing board, one unified budget, one unified staff, one unity of the Spirit among our diversity.


Our Path for Christian development is fourfold – Seek. Build. Equip. Send.

  • seek the lost
  • build believers
  • equip leaders
  • send out those called

This summarizes how we do what we do. These four stages serve as our grid for Christian development and disciple making.

Our QCAC Vision:

  • Our Purpose – Believe. Belong. Bless.
  • Our Path – Seek. Build. Equip. Send.
  • Our Passion – A church of all nations for all nations!
  • Our Prayer – Everything is by prayer!
  • Our Power – God’s manifest presence!
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