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Blog-Pastor-Dave What We Believe #12 – Second Coming

What We Believe #12 – Second Coming

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A friend once thoughtfully asked me, “Are you and I preoccupied with Christ’s second coming?”

Even an elemental “statement of faith” includes it: Christ has died; Christ is risen; Christ will come again.

Our own Statement reads: “The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, our Lord and King (Revelation 19:16), is imminent (Hebrews 10:37, Revelation 22:20) and will be sudden (1 Corinthians 15:52), personal, and visible (Acts 1:11; Matthew 26:64). This is the believer’s blessed hope and is a vital truth which calls us to holy living, intentional witness, and faithful service (Titus 2:11-14).”

Christ’s second coming is imminent, which the dictionary defines simply as “ready to take place; happening soon.” So be expectant.

Christ’s second coming will be sudden like a sudden rain shower or snowstorm, or like a lightning bolt that lights up a dark sky. Many will be caught by surprise. So be ready.

Christ’s second coming will be personal. Just as Jesus came to earth in person and left earth in person, he will return to earth in person. We will instantly and instinctively recognize him. So be looking.

Christ’s second coming will be visible. When Jesus came to earth the first time, he came in humility and weakness as a baby. When he comes a second time, he will come with power and glory as a mighty warrior and conquering King. The whole world will see his coming. So be joyful.

Whether the C&MA retains the word “premillennial” in its Statement of Faith is being discussed nationally. Of course, the historic and broadly-held position of The Alliance is premillennial – a 1000-year period at the end of the present age when Jesus Christ will reign with his people on earth.

While our founder Dr. Albert Simpson was committed to a premillennial position, he allowed Alliance workers to serve who were not convinced of this position, as long as they respected it.

Whatever our official forthcoming line on the millennium itself, we all believe in the imminent return of Christ and that his return is a big part of our motivation for “holy living, intentional witness, and faithful service”.

I resonate with the mental attitude of Richard Baxter: “Let me live as though Jesus died for me yesterday, rose for me this morning, and is coming back for me tomorrow.”

~ Pastor Dave



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