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Blog-Pastor-Dave How Faith Works #12 – Risk

How Faith Works #12 – Risk

Film-maker Francis Ford Coppola said, “An essential element of art is risk. If you don’t take risks, how are you going to make something really beautiful that hasn’t been seen before?”

In every arena of life – business, science, medicine, sports – people take risks. They push the boundaries. Try new ways of doing things. Aim high for success. In fact, it’s hard to think of anyone in history who made a difference by playing it safe.

The whole Bible is full of people who stepped out in faith and took a risk for God.

• In the Old Testament, Noah took a risk to build an ark before the flood came.

• Abraham took a risk to leave home in search of a promised land and a promised future.

• David took a risk to challenge and defeat the giant Goliath.

• Elijah took a risk to confront the religious system of his day, while others gave in the wicked queen Jezebel.

• Nehemiah took a risk to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the walls of the city.

• Esther took a risk – taking her life in her own hands – to intercede before the king and save the Hebrews.

• Daniel took a risk to be a leader with integrity and a man of prayer while under Babylonian rule.

• In the New Testament, the woman with a bleeding took a risk by reaching out to touch the robe of Jesus for her healing.

• John the Baptist took a risk in challenging the king to his face.

• Joseph of Arimathea took a risk by going to Pilate and asking for Jesus’ crucified body.

• Jesus took a risk by entrusting the message of salvation to eleven weak and frightened men. What is more, in dying on the cross, he believed that God would raise him from the dead.

• Peter and John took a risk by continuing to preach the good news of Christ even when threatened by arrest and imprisonment.

Faith is spelled R-I-S-K. After we’ve done all we can do, we believe God will come through to do what only he can do. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take for God.

~ Pastor Dave



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