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Blog-Pastor-Dave How Faith Works #5 – Envision

How Faith Works #5 – Envision

By faith, people in the Bible saw things before they actually happened. Noah saw coming judgment. Abraham saw a future city. Joseph saw the exodus from Egypt. Moses saw the deliverance of Israel.

Faith envisions what God will one day make visible. “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1).

Real faith sees what others do not see. Lives in a world beyond the realm of the physical senses. Even wonders why others do not see what seems so obvious.

Faith knows what God can do and envisions what he intends to do.

You walk by faith, not by sight. Your faith steps out and brings into reality what has not yet come into being. Your faith looks at the most unfavorable situation and sees it transformed.

Your faith sees roses blooming in the desert. It hopes against hope. It believes in the dark.

• You envision your family member or friend coming to faith in Christ before they make that commitment.

• You envision victory over that temptation before you get it.

• You envision reconciliation with that person who has hurt you.

• You envision that sick person healed before they are healed.

• You envision that “sold” sign on your house before its sells.

• You envision that failed marriage restored.

• You envision that financial need met.

• You envision that new job, that fresh calling, that emerging ministry.

• You envision that open door set before you so you can walk through it.

• You envision that kind of person God wants you to be and which God invites you to grow into.

Faith visualizes what God intends to do.

Real faith is born when you spend time in the presence of God, and he brings something to birth in you and you know it. You haven’t got it yet. But your faith sees it and lays hold of it and pulls it into the present. God has shown you and you see it with the eyes of faith.

J. Oswald Sanders said, “Faith enables the believing soul to treat the future as present and the invisible as seen.” Faith envisions.

~ Pastor Dave



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