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Blog-Pastor-Dave Reflections on Moses #3 – Fulfillment

Reflections on Moses #3 – Fulfillment

I remember growing up and playing the Game of LIFE with my sister, Deb, and others.

It’s a board game where players travel in small plastic automobiles that pass along, over, and through small mountains, buildings, and other features.

They travel through life – from early adulthood to retirement, with college if necessary, jobs, marriage, and possible children along the way.

It’s a fun game, but it cannot create what we all long for in real life – fulfillment.

When God first appeared to Moses in the burning bush, Moses doubted himself: “Who am I? What do I have? What difference can I make?”

So God asked him, “What is that in your hand?” Moses said, “A staff.” God said, “Throw it on the ground,” and it became a snake. Then God said, “Pick it up,” and it became a staff again (Exodus 4:2-4).

Through that staff Moses performed miracles in Egypt, parted the Red Sea, brought water out of the rock, and defeated an army.

The staff was not a magic wand. It was God who was behind the staff. It became known not a Moses’ staff but as the “staff of God” (Exodus 4:20).

In life we look at what we have in our hands – ordinary things. We give to God what is in our hands for him to use – gifts, abilities, time, money, possessions. And God begins to use what we have in unexpected and powerful ways.

Maybe what you have in your hand is your vocation – teacher, artist, nurse, accountant, counselor, programmer, mechanic.

Maybe what you have in your hand are your interests – music, travel, graphic design, cooking or baking, community service, a hobby, sports.

David gave God his slingshot and he toppled the giant Goliath.

A widow in Zarephath gave God her nearly empty jar of flour and jug of oil, and then she proceeded to provide food every day for Elijah, herself, and her family.

A boy gave Jesus his lunch and with it Jesus fed 5000 men plus women and children.

What is that in your hand? God wants to use it as you offer it to him. That is fulfillment.

~ Pastor Dave


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