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Blog-Pastor-Dave Overcomer #15 – Faulty Software & Broken Coding

Overcomer #15 – Faulty Software & Broken Coding

We all struggle with faulty software and broken coding.

Our interior software tells us what we believe about ourselves and manages everything we think, say, and do. And it’s faulty.

Our interior software says things like:

• “I have to be perfect to be acceptable.”

• “I can’t do anything right and people get upset.”

• “I’m worthless.”

• “I don’t deserve anything good.”

• “I must protect myself from others.”

• “I can’t get close to others or I’ll get hurt.”

• “I’ll show that person that I’m not a failure.”

• “I deserve better than this.”

• “Once I accomplish this, people will respect me.”

Yet God doesn’t look at us this way. We need a software upgrade to see ourselves the way God sees us.

Our interior coding tells us what we believe about life. And it’s broken.

Our interior coding says things like:

• “People always have a hidden agenda.”

• “Wait long enough and things will go wrong.”

• “You can’t trust anybody.”

• “Give into the urge, enjoy yourself.”

• “God will punish me if I don’t do everything right.”

• “God doesn’t even exist.”

• “Don’t get trapped by making commitments.”

• “If that person is causing me problems, get rid of them.”

• “If you work hard enough, things will be okay.”

Yet life doesn’t work well when we follow these. And God doesn’t look at life this way. We need our interior coding rewritten to see life the way God does.

Perhaps you’ve been functioning with faulty software and following broken coding for a long time.

Helmut Thielicke, the German theologian, told of a time when his son was just a babe in arms. He held the youngster up in front of a mirror. The baby moved; the reflection moved. Baby waved; the reflection waved. Suddenly the youngster’s face lit up. He realized, That’s me!

That’s what happens when you’re reading the Bible. You pick it up, and it’s black print on a white page, telling stories about the long ago and far away. But as you read the text, the print seems to disappear.

On the page of Scripture, you see a reflection of yourself and a picture of real life.

By reading God’s Word, you acquire new information about yourself. Through the lens of Scripture, you learn to look at life differently.

God’s true statements are replacing your false notions. The washing of the Word of God renews your mind about who you are and how God sees you and how life is meant to be lived. Hear, read, study, meditate, memorize, soak in God’s Word. God’s truth will set you free.

~ Pastor Dave


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