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Blog-Pastor-Dave Overcomer #12 – Who You Are in Christ

Overcomer #12 – Who You Are in Christ

In team sports like basketball or football or hockey, a coach will often remind the players to play their position. When they are playing their position, they are stronger and more effective. When they are out of position, the other team has an advantage over them.

Likewise in our Christian journey, as we maintain our position in Christ, we are stronger and more effective. A most excellent place to start in understanding who we are in Christ is Ephesians 1.

In Christ you are one of “God’s holy people” (1). “Grace and peace” have been given to you (2). You are “blessed with every spiritual blessing” (3).

You have been chosen by the Father. You were chosen “before the creation of the world” (4). You were predestined “for adoption” as a son or daughter of God (5). He has “freely given” you his grace (6).

You have been redeemed by the Son. You have been forgiven “through his blood” (7). He has enlightened you with “all wisdom and understanding” and made known to you “the mystery of his will” (8-9). You were chosen “for the praise of his glory” (11-12).

You have been sealed by the Holy Spirit. You have been “marked with a seal” (13). You have been guaranteed an “inheritance” (14). You are “God’s possession” (14).

As we know who we are in Christ positionally, we can live it out in everyday life practically.

A family moved into a new home. The size, the rooms, the layout, the benefits were so much better than their old house. It was hard for the family to believe it was all true.

The little son ran from room to room, scanning everything with surprise, calling out every new discovery with delight. “Is this ours, Dad – is this OURS?”

He didn’t say, “Is this yours?” And the father was not offended by his son claiming ownership on his part.

The father had provided everything for the child, and he was pleased with the delight of his son.

Likewise, everything that God the Father has given to Christ has been given to us in Christ. And as we live out with delight who we are in Christ, the Father is pleased.

~ Pastor Dave


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