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Blog-Pastor-Dave Overcomer #7 – Levels & Layers

Overcomer #7 – Levels & Layers

Jesus is saving, delivering, sanctifying, healing, and setting me free on all levels – sin, self, sickness, Satan.

God’s Word and God’s Spirit convicts me of my sins. I confess them deeply and profoundly. I desire a deep purging and rooting out of all sins.

Jesus calls me to deny myself, pick up my cross daily, and follow him. I die daily to the self-centered “I” that lives within me.

God prompts me to trust him for physical and emotional healing. I respond with a faith that takes healing for body and soul.

God’s Word urges me to exercise my authority in Christ – to recognize, reject, resist, rebuke, renounce, and repudiate any and all activity, influence, or power that Satan or any of his demons has over my life.

Jesus is also saving, delivering, sanctifying, healing, and setting me free through every layer of my life.

Areas that I’ve gained spiritually, I find God taking me higher up, further in, and deeper yet. Like an onion, the Lord is peeling off yet another layer, one layer at a time.

Through Christ I conquered an area of my life. Yet now God is uncovering another area of need. Healing another damaged emotion. Leading me into a fresh breakthrough. Empowering me for greater service.

How does this happen?

As you’re reading your Bible, or worshiping God, or praying, or listening to a sermon, Jesus is setting you free.

The truth of God’s Word applied by the Spirit of God is chiseling off the chains of bondage. Sweeping the spiritual cobwebs out of your mind. Exposing darkness by shining in God’s light. Bringing you out of deception and into freedom in Christ. Anointing you with fresh power.

Today you are going to be more in love with the Father, more free in Jesus, and more alive in the Spirit than you were last week.

And as you spend time with God tomorrow, and the light of the glory of God in the face of Christ shines into your soul, you will have greater light, greater freedom, greater joy.

Jesus is saving, delivering, sanctifying, healing, and setting you free on all levels and through every layer of your life.

~ Pastor Dave



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