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Blog-Pastor-Dave Worship #8 – Celebrating in Worship Together

Worship #8 – Celebrating in Worship Together

In worship I celebrate God’s character, God’s name, God’s creation, Christ’s work through the cross, and God’s work in me. I worship God on my own. I also worship God together with others.

“Glorify the LORD with me; let us exalt his name together” (Psalm 34:3).

How can you cultivate a spiritual discipline of worshiping God together?

Quiet your heart. Take time to slow down before God. Let the dust settle from your busy life. Block out the noise of the world by prayer and quiet reflection. Give the Holy Spirit an opportunity to speak to you.

Set your will to worship. Present yourself before God as a living sacrifice. “Lord, I set my will to worship you today.” Sometimes you might not feel like worshiping God. That’s when you need to remind yourself that worship is more than a feeling. It’s an act of the will because God is worthy of your worship.

If a sacrifice of praise is all you can give, give a sacrifice. Cheap worship is a contradiction of terms. In the Old Testament, frequent burnt offerings were costly. They offered the best of flock. Life was poured out. True worship costs you something.

Nurture a holy expectancy to meet God. Ask God to cleanse you and fill you. Come with an eager and hungry heart: “I want to see Jesus.” He is the object and subject of your worship.

Choose not to be distracted by the mechanics or participants of a worship service. Allow all the leaders and aspects of the entire worship service to serve as vehicles drawing you into encountering the true and living God.

Affirm the Lord’s presence. We can’t see God, but Jesus is always present among his people by the Holy Spirit. Affirm: “God is here with us today, walking among us, receiving our praise.”

Open yourself up to God. Expect God to do something in your life during the worship service. Give God your “yes”. Tell God you don’t want to be a spectator. “Lord, here I am. Speak to me today. I give you the freedom to work in my life. Do something great and mighty in me.”

What helps cultivate your spiritual discipline of worshiping God together?

~ Pastor Dave



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