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Blog-Pastor-Dave Worship #7 – Celebrating God’s Work in You

Worship #7 – Celebrating God’s Work in You

Remember a time when God . . .

• poured out his Holy Spirit upon you in a dynamic way.

• gave you a profound sense of peace during a difficult season of life.

• answered some long awaited prayer.

• supernaturally provided for your needs.

• healed your body.

• spoke to you through his Word.

• met you at the point of your need.

Throughout your life, you deposit all these into the bank of your memories. You later withdraw them to encourage and strengthen you.

With the psalm writer, you say: “The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy” (Psalm 126:3).

Some ways to add to your bank account of memories:

Remember your past. Review those times of God’s work in your life. Recount significant answers to prayer received. Recall spiritual milestones passed. Remember how the Lord intervened in your life to prove himself faithful to you.

Evaluate your present. Reflect on your spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, passions, and experiences. Write down what you understand as your life calling and purpose. Meditate on how God’s destiny and mission for your life is unfolding.

Envision your future. Ask for a clearer vision of what the Lord has for your life. Examine how you can achieve a greater effectiveness for God. Consider any next steps God wants you to take.

Face your failures. Think over your shortcomings. Make a conscious effort with God’s enabling to change your thinking and change your ways. Take honest little steps forward. Thank God for the progress you have made.

Examine your successes. Reflect and rejoice in the great things God has done in you and through you. In a spirit of humility, give God the praise and glory. Continue pressing forward into more fruitfulness in serving others.

God is at work in you! It’s easy to overlook this. Deposit these memories into your soul. Write them down. From time to time bring them to mind. Celebrate the great things the Lord has done in you.

~ Pastor Dave



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