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Blog-Pastor-Dave The Calvary Road #6 – The Water of Life

The Calvary Road #6 – The Water of Life

Walking the Calvary Road, the Highway of Holiness, is a continual journey and a constant choice. Only the clean can walk the Highway.

Throughout the day we may be tested. And God nearly always tests us through other people.

Someone says or does something to us that really bothers us. Instead of reacting, we make a choice. Instead of allowing an offense to wound us, we use the occasion to grow in grace and humility.

(Of course, we don’t give people permission to walk all over us. Yet we do allow God to use even the most trying circumstances to sanctify us.)

If we discover we are defiled by sin – pride, envy, anger, greed, lust, gluttony, sloth – we turn it over to Jesus who bore our sins on the Cross.

Then Jesus will whisper to you and me again, “You are forgiven,” and our hearts will be cleansed whiter than snow (Psalm 51:7; Isaiah 1:18).

This Highway of Holiness is a narrow uphill road, bathed in light. It stretches out before us, leading upward to the heavenly City of God. The embankment on either side slopes away into thick darkness.

In fact, the darkness creeps right to the very edges of the Highway. But on the Highway itself is all light. Behind us is the Cross, no longer dark and forbidding but radiant and glowing.

We no longer see Jesus stretched across the arms of the cross. Rather, he is overflowing with resurrection life, walking the Highway with us.

In his hands he carries a Pitcher of the Water of Life. He comes up to us and asks us to hold out our hearts. Just as though we were handing him a cup, we present to him our empty hearts.

He looks inside us, now cleansed, and fills our cup with his Water of Life! Being continually filled, our cups continually overflow.

So as we walk along the Highway with Jesus, we are continually yielding to what he wants. Giving him each sin. Trusting him to cleanse us. Accepting from his hands the free gift of his fullness.

Allowing him to do the work through us. Living in fellowship with God. Loving others. Being concerned for others’ salvation. Being full of the Holy Spirit all the time.

Receive today the Water of Life being poured into your soul.

~ Pastor Dave



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