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Blog-Pastor-Dave NYC #2 – God’s Purpose

NYC #2 – God’s Purpose

Jimi Hendrix has been considered by many as the greatest guitarist of all time. I wonder what would it have been like for Hendrix to surrender his life to Christ and give his musical abilities and talents over to God.

Perhaps he could have become an outstanding worship leader, writing songs of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord, leading many closer to God, advancing Christ’s kingdom.

Yet how often people on varying levels misdirect and misuse and squander their gifts and abilities on selfish pursuits and pleasures. The fullest benefit they could have offered toward others are diminished or lost.

Similarly, cities have been given gifts by God to be a benefit to others. God has a purpose and destiny for every city.

God has given every city some redemptive gift – certain resources implanted within every city to help others. Those resources could be economic, social, governmental, or cultural. Some gift of God is given for a purpose, to fulfill a destiny.

But equally true, that gifting has often corrupted into some sin pattern. Cities have areas of prosperity where God has favored them. Cities also have areas of fallen greatness where their strengths have turned in against them as tragic weaknesses.

Jerusalem, which means a city of peace, for example, has become associated with conflict. God’s purpose and destiny has been debased.

Could it be that God’s plan and purpose for NYC, as a center of economic trade and global leadership and resilient strength, is to serve as a gateway of hope and freedom? This has been true for thousands.

But how often have these gifts been twisted into a negative influence. Perhaps the dream of success and wealth and power became an empty fantasy. Perhaps harshness and despair and fear dominated.

Still, people can and do make a difference. In Consequential Leadership, Dr. Mac Pier tells the stories of 15 entrepreneurial city leaders from church, business, government, and non-profit sectors who are fighting for our cities, our poor, our youth, our culture.

Networks of city leaders and organizations can offer opportunities, change communities, and reach people with a message of hope.

Let’s pray for our city to be a place God is at work transforming lives, bringing a message of hope and freedom.

~ Pastor Dave



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