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Blog-Pastor-Dave Gratefulness #1 – Be Thankful

Gratefulness #1 – Be Thankful

When a teacher asked the class to make a list of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, one little girl wrote these seven wonders: Seeing, Hearing, Tasting, Touching, Running, Laughing, Loving.

How often do we forget to enjoy the simple gifts of life? A bed to sleep in. A place to live. Food to eat. Clothes to wear. A few games to keep us amused. A few friends to keep us happy.

At the end of Colossians 3:15, “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace,” Paul adds three words: “And be thankful.”

Bill Gates was once asked by a medical doctor that if he were blind would he trade all his billions to have his sight restored. Bill Gates said he would trade all his money for his sight.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr., became popular for Life’s Little Instruction Book. Here are a handful of ways he recommends to enjoy the simple gifts of life:

Watch a sunrise. Sing in the shower. Never refuse homemade brownies. Whistle. Take someone bowling. Be romantic. Buy a bird feeder and place it where it can be seen from your kitchen window. Wave at children on school buses. Lie on your back and look at the stars. Rekindle old friendships. Reread your favorite book. Never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them. Laugh a lot. Give thanks for every meal.

As Christ followers, we know where these gifts of life come from.

We can be grateful with the ordinary stuff of life. Because God is in the ordinary stuff. We can take account of little things. Because God is in those little things.

We can turn ordinary, little things into grateful moments before God and enjoy the simple gifts of life God gives us. “And be thankful.”

~ Pastor Dave


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