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Blog-Pastor-Dave Come Down, Lord #4 – Revival

Come Down, Lord #4 – Revival

I recently read the story of the Welsh Revival that took place in 1904-1905. It’s considered the largest Christian revival during the 20th century.

Christian gatherings were characterized by a spontaneity of prayers, testimonies, confession of sins, and singing. Scores of people were filled with the Holy Spirit and upwards to 100,000 people in Wales came to faith in Jesus. The Welsh Revival also triggered revivals in several other countries.

One key leader was Evan Roberts who had experienced a profound anointing of the Holy Spirit. Here are his remarks on revival:

“You desire an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your city? You do well. But remember, four conditions must be observed. They are essential.

“First, is there any sin in your past with which you have not honestly dealt, – not confessed to God? On your knees at once. Your past must be put away and cleansed.

“Second, is there anything in your life that is doubtful – anything you cannot decide whether it is good or evil? Away with it. There must not be a trace of a cloud between you and God. Have you forgiven everybody – EVERYBODY? If not, don’t expect forgiveness for your sins. Better offend ten thousand friends than grieve the Spirit of God – or quench Him.

“Third, do what the Holy Spirit prompts without hesitation or fear. Obedience – prompt, implicit, unquestioning obedience, at whatever cost.

“Fourth, a public confession of Christ as personal Savior. Profession and confession are vastly different! Multitudes are guilty of long and loud profession. Confession of Christ as Lord is of recent date.

“We forget that there is a Trinity in the Godhead, and that the three Persons are on absolute equality. We praise the Father and we praise the Son. Can anyone produce a satisfactory reason why we should not, and do not, praise the Holy Spirit?

“When we speak of Him as a ‘thing,’ or ‘something,’ are we not greatly in error, since the Scriptures claim for Him absolute equality with the other sacred Persons in the Holy Trinity? Is He not ignored entirely in hundreds of the churches?

“Hear the word of the Lord: ‘Quench not the Spirit.’ That is the one way to revival. When the fire burns, it purifies. And when purified, you are fit to be used in the work of God.”

Action Step: Follow these steps, praying with honest and holy desperation: “Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down. Revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you” (Isaiah 64:1; Psalm 85:6).

~ Pastor Dave

Excerpted from David Matthews, I Saw the Welsh Revival (Asheville, NC: Revival Literature, 2004), 101-102.


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