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Hi QCAC Family, I trust you’re following along with the “40 Days of Prayer”. You can still receive these devotionals through Following today’s reading with Psalm 91, hear God the Father speaking to you: “Have no fear of sudden disaster. When it comes, proclaim that I am your Refuge and your Fortress, your God, in whom you place your trust. Then I will save you from the impossible places . . . places where death is waiting to take you. “I will cover

Resolutions often fade. To overcome this, some suggest the 21/90 rule. You commit yourself to some goal or pattern for 21 straight days to form a habit. Then you continue doing it for another 90 days to make it a lifestyle. Three weeks plus ninety days starts with a resolution. I followed a similar strategy when I was young believer. I was challenged to read the Bible and pray for at least seven minutes every day. I started with that commitment for

Brother Lawrence defines “simple awareness, this loving view of God present everywhere [as] the holiest, the surest, the easiest, and the most efficacious form of prayer.” That’s helpful. Perhaps the most daunting command of the Bible is 1 Thessalonians 5:17, which has been translated in many ways: Pray continually. Pray constantly. Pray without ceasing. Always keep on praying. Never stop praying. Pray unceasingly. Continually pray ye. Pray all the time. Pray at all times. Keep on with your prayers. Pray upon