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Blog-Pastor-Dave Day 86 – Seeing God in Everything

Day 86 – Seeing God in Everything

Brother Lawrence summarized his journey of practicing God’s presence: While “somewhat difficult in the beginning, [it] secretly accomplishes marvelous effects in the soul, draws abundant graces from the Lord, and, when practiced faithfully, imperceptibly leads it to this simple awareness, to this loving view of God present everywhere, which is the holiest, the surest, the easiest, and the most efficacious form of prayer.”

What happens when you develop an awareness of God? You see God more and more at work within you, around you, and beyond you. You see God at work in every person, in every place, in everything.

God becomes a part of all you do – in ordinary, everyday life – driving a car, waiting in line, eating a meal, before going to sleep, and while working as Brother Lawrence did in his monastery kitchen.

You find yourself busy while keeping in step with the Spirit (Galatians 5:25) – bringing something of God’s kingdom into your daily activities and routines (Matthew 6:10).

Everything becomes as an act of worship – offering up to God everything you are and do as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1).

Christ lives in you and through you as you breathe in his life. Whether you’re consciously thinking about God or not, the Lord gives you all you need for every moment.

You bring all your life to God, and you bring God into all your life.

Again what happens when you practice God’s presence? You experience intimacy with God. You communicate heart-to-heart, worshipfully, simply, profoundly, continuously. Daily you sit at his feet. Enjoy his love. Listen to his voice. Receive his grace.

You also find your life changed, refocused, empowered. Sin is dealt with. Joy is birthed. Peace is felt. Faith is strengthened. Hope is kindled. Love is experienced. Power is released.

A lay brother without any formal training, working in the clatter and noise of a kitchen in a monastery in France, Brother Lawrence discovered the practice of living moment-by-moment in the presence of God.

With Brother Lawrence, we see God in everything and everything in God.

Action Step: Notice “God is here” in an ordinary and a special moment.

This is God’s Word for you today,
Pastor Dave



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