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Blog-Pastor-Dave Day 69 – Deep Touches Deep

Day 69 – Deep Touches Deep

Another spiritual maxim from Brother Lawrence: “During our work and other activities . . . we must stop for a moment, as often as possible, to adore God in the depths of our hearts, to savor him, even though in passing and stealthily. Since you are aware that God is present to you during your actions, that he is in the depths and center of your heart, stop your activities and even your vocal prayers, at least from time to time, to adore him within, to praise him, to ask his help, to offer him your heart, and to thank him. Nothing is more pleasing to God than to turn away from all creatures many times throughout the day to withdraw and adore him present within.”

Brother Lawrence tells us how to tap into the underground stream of God’s presence. We stop what we’re doing for a moment and reach out to God. Acknowledge him. Look to him. Breathe a prayer. Worship him. Deep touches deep.

Inwardly withdrawing for a moment from your busy activities for a God-moment doesn’t mean you’re shirking your responsibilities. Rather you’re instilling a sense of God’s nearness whether you’re reading or typing, walking or working, talking or driving, cleaning or praying.

One way to practice God’s presence throughout the day is by using a Scripture verse. Take Psalm 23:5, for example. “You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.”

When an Old Testament priest or king or prophet was set apart as holy unto the Lord, they were anointed with oil, a vivid picture of the anointing of the Holy Spirit coming upon them (Exodus 40:13; 1 Samuel 16:12-13; 1 Kings 19:16).

Thinking of this picture, during the day lift your heart upward: “I’m set apart for you, God.” “Holy Spirit, anoint me with fresh oil.” “May the fragrance of Christ be upon me.”

Further, the anointing of the Spirit of God comes upon all Christ followers. The apostle Paul exclaimed, “He anointed us!” (2 Corinthians 1:21).

Again, thinking of God anointing your head with oil, throughout the day ask God: “Release your power and presence, God.” “Jesus, heal my friend – body, mind, spirit.” “Holy Spirit, enable me to serve well.”

Then returning to Psalm 23:5, as God anoints your head with oil, your cup overflows with a festive joy. Your head anointed. Your face glowing. Your soul brimming over.

In practicing God’s presence, “at least from time to time” as Brother Lawrence says, rejoice: “Lord, you cause my heart to laugh!” “Jesus, I sing this song for you!” “Praise you, Spirit of God, for holy joy!”

As you get into the Word of God, the Word of God gets into you. As you touch God deeply, God touches you deeply. Deep touches deep. In this God delights.

Action Step: Carry one verse with you throughout the day, and let it carry you.

This is God’s Word for you today,
Pastor Dave


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