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Brother Lawrence wrote, “Consider illnesses . . . as coming from the hand of God, as signs of his mercy. . . . I wish you were convinced that God is often closer to us in times of sickness and suffering than when we enjoy perfect health. Seek no other doctor but him. If we were truly accustomed to the practice of the presence of God, all physical illnesses would be easy to bear. God often permits us to suffer

In a letter, Brother Lawrence wrote, “I will not ask God to deliver you from your trials, but I will ask him earnestly to give you the patience and strength needed to suffer as long as he desires. . . . Get used to suffering, and ask him for the strength to suffer as he wants, and for as long as he judges necessary.” When my brother Dan and I were growing up, we had a toy that probably wouldn’t be

Brother Lawrence wrote about God as a Friend: “We cannot have too much trust in so good and faithful a friend, who will never fail us in this world or the next. He is always near you and with you; do not leave him alone. You would consider it rude to leave a friend who is visiting you by himself; then why abandon God and leave him alone? Do not forget him. Think of him often, adore him continually, live

Brother Lawrence wrote in a letter: “If you could . . . concern yourself only with God, you would win a great victory! God does not ask a great deal of us: a brief remembrance from time to time, a brief act of adoration, occasionally to ask him for his grace or offer him your sufferings, at other times to thank him for the graces he has given you and is giving you. In the midst of your work find

Brother Lawrence wrote about a Christian: “It seems like her heart is in the right place, but she wants to advance faster than grace would allow. You don’t become a saint in a day! . . . Since in his mercy he still gives us a little time, let’s take advantage of it! We can make up for lost time and return to this Father of goodness with complete trust. He is always ready to receive us lovingly.” Brother Lawrence balances