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Brother Lawrence wrote, “I did not ask for relief but for the strength to suffer courageously, humbly, and lovingly. . . . Ah, how sweet it is to suffer with God! No matter how great the pain is, accept it with love, for suffering is a paradise as long as we are with him. . . . When we are attentive to God . . . suffering will no longer be anything but sweetness, balm, and consolation.” Rather than seeking relief

Brother Lawrence wrote to a friend, “It hurts me to see you suffer for such a long time. . . . I think you should give up all human remedies and abandon yourself completely to divine providence; perhaps God is only waiting for this abandonment and for a perfect trust in him to cure you. Since these remedies have not had the expected effect in spite of all your efforts – on the contrary, the suffering has increased – resist

Lift up a great shout of joy to the Lord! Go ahead and do it—everyone, everywhere! As you serve him, be glad and worship him. Sing your way into his presence with joy! And realize what this really means— we have the privilege of worshiping the Lord our God. For he is our Creator and we belong to him. We are the people of his pleasure. You can pass through his open gates with the password of praise. Come right into his presence with thanksgiving. Come bring your thank offering

Brother Lawrence discusses the discipline of practicing God’s presence: “But when we faithfully keep ourselves in his holy presence, seeing him always before us, not only avoiding offending or displeasing him – at least deliberately – but considering him in this fashion, we take the liberty to ask him for the graces we need. So, by repeating these acts they become more familiar, and the practice of the presence of God becomes more natural.” When I was in college, I had

Brother Lawrence reviews and summarizes how he learned to practice God’s presence: “This led me to resolve to give all for all. Thus, after offering myself entirely to God in atonement for my sins, I renounced for the sake of his love everything other than God, and I began to live as if only he and I existed in the world. Sometimes I considered myself before him as a miserable criminal at his judge’s feet, and at other times I