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Blog-Pastor-Dave Day 37 – Just Doing for God

Day 37 – Just Doing for God

Brother Lawrence said that he “found no better way to approach God than by the ordinary works required in his case by obedience, purifying them as much as he could from all human respect, and doing them for the pure love of God.”

Most of us would like to do big things, great things for God. Brother Lawrence preferred doing what he was already doing – ordinary things, simple things – as acts of loving worship to God.

Whatever he wanted to do or was asked to do, these he did for God. He did them humbly, obediently, warmly for Christ through the energy supplied by the Holy Spirit.

All our acts of everyday life are opportunities to be like Christ, to become like Christ.

All our everyday experiences are opportunities to purify our hearts, our attitudes, our feelings, our thoughts.

While we perform our daily tasks we think about Christ, lift up a prayer, cultivate a heart of praise.

Allow yourself to be infused by the power of the Spirit and the presence of Christ so that all the ordinary and simple things you do are done in God and for God and through God.

In so doing you’re living in his presence, approaching Christ in every person and every situation, and worshiping God through your daily life. Worship is more than a Sunday activity. Worship is a lifestyle – doing all things for the pure love God.

Brother Lawrence found God in doing his ordinary activities, even unpleasant tasks, when he did them solely for God. Rather than seeking to please people, he sought to please God.

God doesn’t need anything from us. He only looks to see if what we do is done for him out of love.

Action Step: Think about God while doing an ordinary task.

This is God’s Word for you today,
Pastor Dave



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