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Blog-Pastor-Dave Day 32 – Gate and Path

Day 32 – Gate and Path

Brother Lawrence poses a simple precept for developing an on-going conversation with God. “What matters is renouncing once and for all everything that we recognize does not lead to God, in order to become accustomed to a continual conversation with him, without mystery or finesse.”

I find it helpful to picture the Christian journey as a gate and a path. Walk through the gate with a total surrender to God. Then get to know the path of cultivating God’s presence with you always.

Walk through the gate. Make a total surrender to God. Make a conscious choice. Declare Christ as your Lord. Throw aside anything that doesn’t lead you closer to God. Close the gate behind you. Move onward and forward and upward into God.

Get to know the path. Begin to cultivate God’s presence with you. Learn to recognize his voice. Respond in obedience to his words. Embrace whatever leads you closer to God.

Place yourself in his presence. Read his Word. Seek his face.

Talk to God. Ask for his help. Live in simple dependence upon him.

Throughout the day look heavenward. Breathe a prayer. Maintain eye contact with God.

Meditate on his Word. Think about his attributes. Reflect on one of God’s names.

Contemplate his ways. Enjoy his creation. Relax in his presence.

Give God praise. Sing a song of worship. Develop a grateful spirit.

Center yourself in God: Christ is in you. You are in Christ. Christ is living his life through you.

Think outward. Look at others and smile. Bless other people

Speak a word for God. Give a witness for Jesus. Be on the lookout for divine appointments.

Serve others. Encourage someone. Pray for a need.

Walk with God. Take him into every step. Live your life while letting the inner gaze of your heart rest fully upon God.

Walk through the gate; get to know the path. Several ways to consider this, yet Brother Lawrence found this kind of spiritual practice uncomplicated.

No hidden mystery to uncover. No expert finesse needed. Not reserved for the spiritually elite.

Just a heart centered on knowing, loving, praising God. And loving, serving, blessing others.

Action Step: Take one step closer to a continual conversation with God. One step.

This is God’s Word for you today,
Pastor Dave



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