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Blog-Pastor-Dave Day 31 – Love the Real End

Day 31 – Love the Real End

Brother Lawrence said that “we settle for penances and private devotions, leaving aside love, our end. Our works prove this, and that is why we see so little solid virtue. Neither finesse nor learning is required to approach God, only a heart resolved to devote itself exclusively to him, and to love him alone.”

How many Christians develop spiritual habits, read Christian books, follow spiritual leaders, attend worship services, and use prayer guides, but they wonder why they’re not progressing spiritually? Why is that?

According to Brother Lawrence, we settle for less than a heartfelt, passionate love for God and a deep-seated, unselfish, giving love toward others. We have missed the life transformation goal of love, God’s love. And our Christian virtue is lacking.

We have become distracted with the means and neglected the end. Instead, we need to begin with the end in mind. That takes clear-mindedness – to see the goal of God himself and determine to get there.

All the various means we put to use for developing our life with God are necessary and helpful, of course. Yet we don’t want to lose sight of the real end, which is knowing God, loving Jesus, living in the Spirit.

It’s time spent. It’s conversations shared. It’s walking daily with God. It’s a relationship of love.

God doesn’t favor a certain personality type or cater to any specific group. He merely looks for a simple heart that wants to know him, love him, serve him.

Just as Solomon said to his son, “Give me your heart” (Proverbs 23:26), God invites us to do the same: “My son, my daughter, give me your heart.”

Let us love God exclusively above all else without competition or rivals: God first and foremost, the center and the circumference. Jesus the number one priority in our lives and preeminent in every part. The Holy Spirit ruling and reigning within. The Triune God loved.

Brother Lawrence reassures us that the goal of the Christian journey is not about spiritual practices, or good works, or Christian expertise, or biblical knowledge, but rather the love of God. That’s the real end. With this settled, everything else will find its place.

Action Step: Pray from your heart, “All I want is you, God – loving you first and always.”

This is God’s Word for you today,
Pastor Dave



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