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Blog-Pastor-Dave Day 27 – Glory in the Ordinary

Day 27 – Glory in the Ordinary

Brother Lawrence said that “he was more closely united with God during his ordinary activities than when he put them aside to do his retreat exercises, which generally left him in great aridity.”

Brother Lawrence so lived in God’s presence all the time that participating in some expected Christian practices didn’t make any real difference to him. He found God just as real in his ordinary tasks as he did in those Christian activities.

In fact, compared with loving God in his everyday life, he found the spiritual regimens placed upon him left him feeling spiritually dry.

Many Christians feel closest to God while spending time alone with God, or worshiping God with others at a church service, or taking Communion.

We fulfill our daily responsibilities and complete our household chores as quickly as possible, so we can move on to the more important stuff.

Brother Lawrence, however, found that he could fill those daily responsibilities and household chores with God! While busy working in the kitchen or repairing sandals – doing the everyday stuff of life – he felt his relationship with God thrive.

He observed how “the LORD is with you when you are with him” (2 Chronicles 15:2).

The regular habit of practicing God’s presence in the ordinary stuff of life was his glory.

Of course, following spiritual disciplines, gathering together regularly with fellow believers, and taking periodic times for spiritual retreat or enjoying God’s creation are all important in cultivating our life with God.

Yet Brother Lawrence exemplifies what we often neglect and miss – bringing God into our present moments, thriving on God’s abiding Spirit, conversing with the Lord Jesus like a brother throughout the day.

His example makes us hunger for something more. He found glory in the ordinary.

Question: When and where do you feel closest to God? In a worship service? On your knees in prayer? Walking through God’s beautiful creation? In the everyday stuff of life?

This is God’s Word for you today,
Pastor Dave


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