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Blog-Pastor-Dave Day 26 – God-Moments

Day 26 – God-Moments

Brother Lawrence said that “when his duties distracted him somewhat from thinking about God, God impressed a remembrance of himself on his soul, giving him so intense an awareness of God, warming and inflaming him so strongly, that he cried out and made exaggerated gestures, singing and jumping about like a fool.”

When God moved upon Brother Lawrence, he celebrated those moments exuberantly. To others he appeared foolish.

What others see, however, can be quite different than what’s really going on inside us.

What might you look like to others when God’s Spirit moves upon you?

• Others may see you as tearing up or trembling . . . when you are being profoundly touched by God.

• Others may see you as overly emotional . . . when you are repenting deeply.

• Others may see you as doing or saying something odd . . . when you are really obeying God.

• Others may see you as acting like a fool . . . when you are making a decision that only you and God understand.

• Others may see you as shouting loudly with hands raised . . . when you are giving joyful praise to God.

• Others may see you as walking and jumping and praising God . . . when God has dramatically healed you (Acts 3:8).

You might look foolish to others, but you know God is working deeply within you.

The world thinks we are foolish to live radically for a God we cannot touch and pray earnestly to a God we cannot see.

Yet appearing different because we are Christ followers, and not care what others think, is described as being a fool for Christ (1 Corinthians 4:10). This is commended by God, and I’d take his approval over anybody else’s!

And while we often emphasize seeking after God, let’s also realize God seeks after us, reveals himself to us, speaks to us, shows himself to us, as with Brother Lawrence, sometimes in surprising and unexpected ways.

Question: When God moves upon you inwardly, what might others see outwardly?

This is God’s Word for you today,
Pastor Dave


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