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Blog-Pastor-Dave Day 21 – Little Things

Day 21 – Little Things

Brother Lawrence said that “he thought neither of death, nor of his sins, nor of paradise, nor of hell, but only of doing little things for the love of God, since he was not capable of doing great things. Other than that, whatever happened to him was God’s will, and he was at peace with it.”

Looking at the scope of his life, Brother Lawrence felt inadequate for doing great things for the kingdom of God. He had no resources to draw upon. His skills were limited. Even thinking big theological thoughts were beyond him.

Rightly or wrongly, he concluded that he didn’t have much to offer in service to God or humanity.

Leaving great thoughts and great things for others to do, he only concerned himself with little things. These he did for God. He delighted to do everything, however small, for God.

In so doing he unknowingly captured a largely untapped spirituality of little things. Beyond these, he resigned himself to God’s providence. He was confident that God would manage the big stuff.

What is a spirituality of little things? Doing little things with great love to God and for others.

• Admiring God’s creation while working in your garden.
• Expressing gratitude to God when your car clicks over another 1000 miles.
• Thanking God when reconnecting with an old friend.
• Responding to God’s nudge to bake cookies and take them over to someone.
• Telling someone you’re thinking of them or praying for them.
• Being available to serve by driving someone to an appointment.
• Volunteering your time when no one else will.

Little things. Common things. The plain, vanilla, ordinary stuff of life. In all these things we delight in the Lord and enjoy the life God gave us. We get excited about the same old stuff.

The extraordinary stuff of life? The great things that great people accomplish? The signs and wonders of biblical proportions? The dramatic and miraculous answers to prayer?

Brother Lawrence’s advice: Leave those for others. You attend to the little things. Do them every one for God. “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4). God will take care of the big things.

Action Step: Do little things with great love to God and for others.

This is God’s Word for you today,
Pastor Dave



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