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Blog-Pastor-Dave Day 18 – Methodless Method (resent because of new website migration)

Day 18 – Methodless Method (resent because of new website migration)

In learning how to pray, Brother Lawrence had to find his own way. “He was never able to pray by rules like others; he would meditate for a while in the beginning but afterward he did not know how it went, and it would be impossible for him to explain it.”

Brother Lawrence tried to follow the various rules of prayer from great Christians, and they didn’t work for him.

He strained his brain meditating on Bible passages, and found himself confused, unable to remember what he read or sort through his own thoughts as a basis for prayer.

Religiously following various methods and disciplines of prayer, left Brother Lawrence feeling frustrated and empty.

Until he found a style of prayer that helped him connect with God.

He discovered a methodless method of practicing God’s presence that was simple, possible, easy. He integrated this alongside his daily time with God.

Practicing God’s presence means coming into the awareness of God’s presence through Bible reading, petition, and worship as a daily reset to live in God’s presence all day long.

Practicing God’s presence means staying in touch with the underground river of God within us throughout the day, so that rivers of living water flow from us to others (John 7:38).

Practicing God’s presence means staying connected with God when we are busy with various tasks and cannot verbalize a prayer. We just remain in Jesus and his love (John 15:5, 9).

Practicing God’s presence means merging our spiritual life and our daily work so that everything we do is an act of prayer and worship (1 Corinthians 10:31).

Practicing God’s presence means looking upward to heaven at some moments during the day and recalling a Scripture verse or breathing a prayer to our heavenly Father (Mark 7:34).

Practicing God’s presence means finishing our busy activities as our hearts and minds return to our rest in the Lord like a bird flying back to its nest (Psalm 116:7).

Question #1: What prayer methods leave you feeling frustrated and empty?

Question #2: How might Brother Lawrence’s methodless method be an inviting way to pray?

This is God’s Word for you today,
Pastor Dave



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