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Blog-Pastor-Dave Day 14 – Kitchen Clatter

Day 14 – Kitchen Clatter

Brother Lawrence got assigned to work in the “kitchen to which he had the strongest natural aversion. [Yet] he got used to doing everything for the love of God, asking him at every opportunity for the grace to do his work. He was able to carry it out with great ease for the fifteen years he was in charge of it.”

The kitchen was totally out of Brother Lawrence’s comfort zone. He didn’t like it and would have steered clear of it. But this was his assignment.

Perhaps he started out by peeling vegetables and doing other menial tasks. Yet gradually he was able to make the kitchen a heaven on earth by bringing God into his work.

He peels potatoes and cuts carrots for God. He washes dishes and sweeps floors for God. He asks God for grace to do his every task as an act of love for God.

Others notice. Eventually Brother Lawrence becomes the official cook, a position he manages for 15 years. Imagine him flipping his omelette in the frying pan for the glory of God!

Most of us don’t thrive in doing menial tasks – vacuuming floors, putting gas into the car, cleaning the kitchen, pulling weeds, changing diapers, doing laundry, taking out the garbage.

We like to do them as quickly as possible and get on to more important things.

For Brother Lawrence, however, it is these less important, even routine chores that are the seed bed for his vibrant relationship with God. Placing God at center stage in these activities, transforms the menial into majesty.

He delights to do everything, however small, for God. By consistently doing the little things for God, he develops a habit of bringing God into everything. And everything becomes a joy and delight.

Can you imagine others begging to peel vegetables because they see how much delight Brother Lawrence was experiencing?

Attributed to Mother Teresa: “In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.”

Action Step: Instead of carrying out your menial, routine tasks with drudgery and haste, do them while being aware of God’s near presence and do them for God.

This is God’s Word for you today,
Pastor Dave



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