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Blog-Pastor-Dave Day 11 – Loving God in All Things

Day 11 – Loving God in All Things

Brother Lawrence said that “knowing that we must love God in all things and striving to fulfill this obligation,” he didn’t need much further direction or assistance.

How can we, along with Brother Lawrence, “love God in all things”? (Luke 10:27).

By looking for God in all things:

•    Looking for God and tracing his ways within every circumstance, behind every conversation, underneath every calamity, and in everything beautiful.

By finding God in all things:

•    Finding God and watching him at work within his creation, within our own lives, within the lives of others, and within our relationships with others.

By living with God in all things:

•    Living with God, enjoying God, and worshiping God and his ways in the normal rhythms of life, regular events, everyday conversations, and ordinary moments.

There’s a simplicity to the Christian life that is easily missed and which Brother Lawrence discovers – loving God in all things, which naturally leads to loving others in all things.

We often want to see God at work in all the big stuff. Yet God is also at work in all the small stuff.

Loving God and others at a Sunday worship service is great and glorious. Yet loving God and others within the mundane activities of life and among our personal relationships is more amazing still.

After watching Eloy Cruz in action, an admirable Cuban pastor who had surprising rapport with very poor immigrants from Puerto Rico, Jimmy Carter, former president of the United States, asked Eloy for the secret of his success.

Eloy was modest and embarrassed, but he finally said, “Senor Jimmy, we only need to have two loves in our lives. For God, and for the person who happens to be in front of us at any time.”

Action Step: Bring God into your ordinary stuff and your everyday relationships.

This is God’s Word for you today,
Pastor Dave


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