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Uncategorized Day 3 – A Clumsy Oaf

Day 3 – A Clumsy Oaf

Brother Lawrence “was a clumsy oaf who broke everything.” Klutzy, awkward, bunglesome, accident prone – he frustrates himself while frustrating others.

Perhaps he heard more than once: “I wouldn’t trust him carrying dishes in the kitchen. Wherever he goes, things seem to break.”

Consider his full résumé: Lives in poverty. Lacks a formal education. Experienced the injustices of war as a soldier. Wounded in battle. A household servant. A lay brother. Works in a kitchen. Repairs sandals.

In his conversations, we learn that he feels awkward about himself and the words “clumsy oaf” come tumbling out. You wonder, however, if other words might better describe him – tenacious, survivor, helper, honest, humble, hard working, trustworthy.

We can have seven great qualities and one limitation, and we focus on the one limitation. We can have a healthy physical body in many ways, and yet we focus on the one part we wish we could change.

We don’t see the full picture of ourselves as God and others see us. We read our life résumé inaccurately.

Regarding my own physical shape and size, I had to come to terms with the body God gave me. God didn’t give me a body big enough to play football. God didn’t give me a body tall enough to play basketball.

But I learned that God did give me a body that is quick and responsive to play racquetball reasonably well. This body fits me. This body is who I am.

This body is crafted by God. This body is the best possible container I could be in to become like Christ. This body will be in super-deluxe condition in heaven.

I am, after all, “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). And so are you.

For Brother Lawrence, we might laugh softly at his physical clumsiness. But we will remember him most for his lifetime pursuit of practicing the presence of God.

He came to terms with himself. He needed Someone besides himself to get beyond himself. And God read his life résumé differently.

Question: In what area of your life do you feel “clumsy”?

Action Step: Thank God for the way God shaped you inside and out.

This is God’s Word for you today,
Pastor Dave


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